Meet Doctor Mouse Illustrator Amélie Jackowski

Get to know the illustrator of Doctor Mouse and The Bad Mood — two books that have been very relevant during our Covid-19 quarantine!

Amélie Jackowski was born in Toulon, France. She studied at the Higher School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg and at the University of Provence in France. She has published many children’s books. Her work has been exhibited at numerous group shows, including the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy. She grew up on the shores of the Mediterranean in Toulon, France. She currently lives in Marseille, France.

Did you always want to be an illustrator?

No, I thought I would be an archaeologist, a biologist or that I would paint theater sets… But when I started my studies, yes, I wanted to be a book illustrator.

What kind of stories appeal to you?

I love stories that seem simple but are not.

The ones that you think of afterwards as if you had traveled there, the ones that make you feel a little bigger.

Where do you create your art?

I work in a studio, an old apartment where we are six artists, I have a room for myself which was a kitchen!

How do you create your art? I see little cut outs in your photos?

The cut model is a little “extra”, it’s the first time I did that.

I needed to see the size of the different characters in relation to each other and also not to be mistaken: each his chair! The children are very observant, we can’t be wrong ; )

On the photos, you can see my first sketches in a notebook, to find ideas and look for the characteristics of the characters. Afterwards, I do a storyboard, then the black and white images of the right size and finally, I transfer the drawing to thick paper and paint (slowly, for a long time) with acrylic colors.

Thank you, Amélie!

Learn more about Amélie Jackowski’s books here.

Doctor Mouse $17.95 US Hardcover / 8.5 x 10.15 /32 pages / ages 4 to 8 / ISBN: 978–0–7358–4410–0

The Bad Mood $8.95 US Board Book / 8 x 8 /24 pages / ages 0 to 3 / ISBN: 978–0–7358–4387–5

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