Making Friends With Valeri Gorbachev

Valeri Gorbachev has illustrated books for NorthSouth for over twenty years! In fact, he credits NorthSouth for starting his very successful career in children’s books here in America. He has published over sixty books here in the USA.

His first book with NorthSouth was Nicky and the Big Bad Wolves in April 1998. He collaborated with author Carol Roth on the very successful Little Bunny books, and this fall, we are thrilled to release his latest story There Was a Turkey on the Farm.

Valeri’s stories celebrate friendship and family.His illustrations are always warm, wonderful, and just right for pre-schoolers. Valeri was nice enough to share a few thoughts and photos with us.

Valeri Gorbachev-I grew up in the city of Kiev (now days capital of Ukraine). I went to school like most other kids. But unlike them, I was more interested in creating and telling stories then normal school lessons. I was often scolded by my teachers and parents for this. But years later my love for storytelling helped me to land my first book publishing deal. Now as an adult I was being praised for the very same thing that I was scolded for as a child!

As years went by I become much better at drawing and telling the stories. It did not happened over night. It took a lot of everyday hard work and years and years of practice. But just like back when I was a kid, I still enjoy nothing more than making picture books

I am usually most happy when I am working in my studio. There is nothing more exciting to me, than when a drawing comes out from under of my pencil in the unexpected interesting way or when a phrase comes out from under of my pen and it sounds just right!

In There Was a Turkey on the Farm I wanted to show children how to make friends and how it is important to have them.

I think this is a very valuable message!

NorthSouth Books: Thanks Valeri! We think so, too!

Valeri Gorbachev
There Was a Turkey on the Farm
Full color throughout
$ 18.95 US / $ 25.95 CAD Hardcover
8.5 x 11 / 40 pages / ages 4 to 8
ISBN: 978–0–7358–4425–4

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