Summer 2022 Review Copies

Feel free to download the electronic review copies for our Summer 2022 titles below! If you’re interested in receiving a finished review copy by mail, please email us at

Gaudi – Architect of Imagination

By Susan B. Katz, Illustrated by Linda Schwalbe

With an insightful eye into the world of an inspired genius, award-winning author Susan B. Katz tells of Gaudí’s life and work. Linda Schwalbe’s dazzling and powerful illustrations reflect the inventive, daring, and flamboyant style of Gaudí’s work.

Hans Millerman

By Bernadette Watts

Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes! Originally published in 1969, this original Bernadette Watts story is now back in print with brand new, radiant illustrations.

Two Brothers

By Eveline Hasler, Illustrated by Käthi Bhend

A classic tale based on the legend of two brothers who look like twins but couldn’t be more different who find their true selves in an enchanted forrest, lovingly reprinted and ready for a new generation to enjoy. 


Noah’s Ark

By Piotr Wilkon, illustrated by Józef Wilkon 

Now back in print! A rollicking retelling of the story of Noah’s ark—one of the greatest stories in the Bible—and a timely reminder that our world and its inhabitants need our care.

Little Polar Bear and the Brave Little Hare

By Hans De Beer

Lars gains a new friend in his latest adventure . . . Such teamwork and fond friendship will win readers’ hearts while the falling snow and expressive faces will dazzle their eyes.”—Kirkus Reviews —Now back in hardcover.

Little Polar Bear Take Me Home

By Hans De Beer

“A sweet tale about caring and sharing, encouragement, appreciation, and cooperation.”—School Library Journal—Now back in hardcover.

The Willow Pattern Story

By Alan Drummond

A picture is worth a thousand words! Allan Drummond’s classic picture book reveals the intriguing story that hides deep within one of the most distinctive and iconic china patterns ever created—the willow pattern.

Willow Pattern Story_SalesSample

Little Bunny’s Sleepless Night

By Carol Roth Illustrated by Valeri Gorbachev

Back in print, this beloved bedtime tale with it’s gentle rhyme and endearing animals will send kids to bed knowing there’s no place like home.