Boris the Cat – The Little Cat with Big Ideas

$ 26.00 US / $ 31.00 CAD 11 x8.5 136 pages / ages 4 and up ISBN: 978-0-7358-4454-4

Boris the Cat – The Little Cat with Big Ideas

Beloved Austrian author/illustrator Erwin Moser’s Boris stories—told with humor and heart—all in one volume for the first time in English.

Boris is a special cat! Be it spring, summer, fall, or winter, Boris and his friends experience big and little adventures every day, often without even looking for them!

From driving a bathtub to pretending to be a scarecrow to helping a friend, these charming comic-book style mini-stories—told in six pictures—are perfect for read aloud and beginning reader fun.

Children and adults will both appreciate these morsels of masterful ministorytelling.
Kirkus Review Reviews

Each story is charming, optimistic and shows Boris's unending pluck.
Youth Services Book Review

Each story presents a challenge, the solution for which involves creativity, lateral thinking, and kindness.
The Horn Book