A Cat and a Dog/ Un gato y un perro

$ 8.95 US / $ 11.96 CAD 10.5 x 8.5 32 pages / ages 4 to 8 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4354-7

A Cat and a Dog/ Un gato y un perro

The cat vs. dog “tail” as old as time, now available in bilingual paperback!

A cat and a dog live in the same house, but they are not friends.

They fight all the time, about everything. Then disaster strikes. Dog’s beloved ball bounces up into a tree and is stuck. Cat’s precious stuffed mouse falls into the pond. Dog can’t climb. Cat can’t swim. What are they to do? Claire Masurel’s simple text and Bob Kolar’s bright, bold illustrations combine in this charming picture book for the very young, a humorous look at the age-old battle of cats and dogs that demonstrates how a simple act of kindness can turn an enemy into a friend.

The highly stylized watercolor-and-ink characterizations against a predominantly white background further distill the drama down to its comic essence.
Publishers Weekly