Chick Chat

full color throughout $ 17.95 US / $ 23.95 CAD Hardcover / 8.5 x 10.15 32 pages / ages 4 to 8 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4409-4

Chick Chat

Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes.

Peep, peep, peep!  Baby Chick has a lot to say!

Everyone in Chick’s family is too busy to chat with her. But when chatty baby Chick adopts a large egg—she finally finds a friend who is a good listener. When her egg goes missing, Chick is heartbroken, until she finds that it has hatched into a brand-new friend!

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Baby Chick is surrounded by clouds of printed Peep!s throughout the story; these are full of movement indicating unabashed joy. Saturated, summery colors and black-outlined figures lend vibrancy to the story. The text is further enhanced by well-placed, but not overdone, chicken-related puns...

Cheerful watercolor illustrations are filled with the round chick’s ceaseless peeping and obvious joie de vivre. By tale’s end, Baby Chick's family appears to be quite pleased that the exuberant bird has someone who loves listening to her chitchat.
Kirkus Reviews

Dynamic digital illustrations in pastel tones detail Baby Chick’s search for someone to listen and celebrate a joyful quest. Readers will delight in the full-page spreads with simple detailed backgrounds, and will enjoy following the antics of a stuffed elephant toy from page to page.
School Library Journal

This colorful illustrated story is enhanced by baby Chick’s constant peeping—over 100 of them.
Charles Sutton, Vermont Country Sampler

It is not just the expressive Chick but the placement of the Peeps that charms this story.
Youth Services Book Review

  • Indiana Young Hoosier Award 2023-2024 nominee
  • Magnolia Book Awards nominee