Clara the Rhino

full color throughout $ 18.95 US / $ 25.95 CAD Hardcover / 11 x 8.5 48 pages / ages 4 to 8 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4395-0

Clara the Rhino

Based on the true story and friendship between an orphaned rhino and a sea captain in the mid-18th century.

When a baby rhino is orphaned in India with nowhere to go, a gentle sea captain from Holland—Douwe van der Meer—decides to take her to Europe with him. Clara wins the hearts of everyone—from villagers to princes, kings, and queens who have never seen a rhino before. All are delighted by the gentle giant—whose image soon appears on posters, coins, and statuettes, until the fine day when the Dutch Captain gives Clara her a home of her own. 

Based on historical accounts of a real rhino's travels across the world, Hirt's steady narrative and Fuchs' bright and detailed illustrations make this tale a cheerful one...
Kirkus Reviews

This story of friendship and loyalty are sure to enchant readers of all ages and the entire family will enjoy following Clara’s journey across the world.
New York Journal of Books

Clara wins the hearts of everyone as she and the Captain travel all over Europe. Her image appears on posters, coins, statuettes, and art in museums. She finally returns to Holland where the Captain provides Clara a home of her own. A map shows Clara’s extensive travels through Europe. Bold, colorful artwork enhances the story.