Five Little Ducklings Go to School

full color throughout $ 8.95 US / $ 11.95 CAD Trade Paperback / 10 x 10 32 pages / ages 4 to 8 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4346-2

Five Little Ducklings Go to School

It’s time for the five little ducklings to go to school.

Four of the little ducklings shout, “YIPPEE! HOORAY! OH BOY! THAT’S COOL!” The fifth little duckling sobs, “BOO-HOO! I won’t go to school! I’m going to miss you!” But when Mama reminds them, “Even though we’ll be apart, we’ll still be in each other’s heart,” the little ducklings go forth and soon discover “School is great!”

A solid purchase for those looking to expand their first-day collections.
School Library Journal, starred review

An assuring, rhyme-heavy readaloud for first-day fears.
Publishers Weekly