Genius Noses

A Curious Animal Compendium

English Translated by Marshall Yarbrough full color throughout $ 24.95 US / $ 33.95 CAD Hardcover / 9.2 x 11 64 pages / ages 6 to 12 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4535-0

Genius Noses

A Curious Animal Compendium

An illustrated collection about animal noses and their amazing functions! Early STEM has never been more fun. Everything kids ever wanted to know about animal noses around the world!

This special collection of animals takes us around the globe and amazes us at the curious diversity of nature. Whether it’s the musk weevil, the elephant, the pig, or the saiga antelope— they all have wonderful noses. In addition to a wide array of functions, noses tell us a lot about animal habits and habitats.

Author Lena Anlauf has compiled the most exciting facts and stories about noses from the animal kingdom, while illustrator, Vitali Konstantinov, introduces us to the individual animals in impressive portraits—with wit and attention to detail.

Which animal can smell underwater? Which one uses their nose as a snorkel? What can animals do with their noses besides smell? Readers will find out this and more in this entertaining collection filled with surprising and unusual facts.

A prodigious portrait gallery of prominent proboscises.
⭐ Kirkus Reviews, starred review

This richly illustrated non-fiction book neatly orchestrates factual knowledge and amusing anecdotes, and thus allows readers to browse through it again and again.
White Ravens jury

Readers can dip in and out for a plethora of engaging and even silly facts.

Genius Noses is a winner for older kids. Five stars out of five.
NY Journal of Books

This appealing nonfiction book invites readers to consider interesting noses in the animal kingdom. . . . From endpapers to index, there's a lot of information here. Part of the appeal is the way the information is presented. Cameo pictures of animals and text in green font are easy to parse.
Youth Services Book Review

this is a book for the curious, one that may well interest readers, younger and older alike, in learning still more about olfactory organs and their many uses.

The book gives fascinating insights into the world of animal noses. Whether small, large, round or star-shaped, you learn a lot of new things here. The wonderful world of noses is clearly explained with beautiful illustrations.
Pascal Marty, Zoo Zurich

This is a great book to pique kids’ interest in the wild wonders of the animal kingdom, highlight how one specific animal sense helps each animal survive and thrive while changing their environments (pollination and seed dispersal, for instance), and provide a broader sense of how animals are classified. Plus, the illustrations, rendered in ink and colored pencil on watercolor paper, are fabulous!
Jilanne Hoffman, author of "A River of Dust"

  • Eureka! Nonfiction honor winner, 2023
  • dPICTUS 100 Outstanding Picturebooks, 2023
  • White Ravens, 2023