In the Garden with Flori

English Translated by Marshall Yarbrough full color throughout $ 19.95 US / $ 26.95 CAD Hardcover / 9.5 x 12 56 pages / ages 4 and up ISBN: 978-0-7358-4458-2

In the Garden with Flori

Batchelder Honor recipient Sonja Danowski has created a new story reminding us that love, patience, and a sense of humor help any garden to flower.

What a fuss! Linn’s grandfather broke his leg. Fortunately, his granddaughter Linn offers to take care of his spectacular garden. After all, Linn has helped out in the garden many times and knows a lot about plants. With Linn’s dog, Flori, and her good friend, Emi, by her side what could go wrong? But when mischievous Flori causes a mess, Linn has to learn to deal with a difficult situation. Taking responsibility for the first time is a big step. Together with Linn, we experience pride in the trust placed in us as well as self-doubts along the way. Sonja Danowski’s lovingly detailed illustrations appear almost lifelike and unfold with incomparable magic.

Her first book for NorthSouth Books, Grandma Lives in a Perfume Village, was a Batchelder Honor Book.

Praise for Little Night Cat

Batchelder Honor recipient Danowski’s full-bleed pages done in watercolors employ a palette rich with earth tones of oranges, browns, and greens, while Linn’s clothing and home mirror the intricate designs of nature in all its complexity.
Lolly Gepson, Booklist

The lifelike, very detailed illustrations are magical.

Oh the beautiful illustrations!
Kiss the Book Blog