Ludwig and the Rhinoceros

Translated by Marshall Yarbrough full color throughout $ 19.95 US / $ 26.95 CAD Hardcover / 8.5 x 11 40 pages / ages 5 to 9 ISBN: 978-0-7358-4527-5 On Sale: 5. September 2023

Ludwig and the Rhinoceros

Does something exist even if you can’t see it? A humorous bedtime story for budding philosophers.

“There’s a rhinoceros in my room!” Ludwig claims. His father doesn’t think so. He looks for the huge pachyderm in every corner, but he just can’t find it. There CANNOT be a rhinoceros in Ludwig’s room. It’s way too small for a rhinoceros. But Ludwig shows his father that something can be there, even if you can’t see it.

Young children will love pointing out the rhinoceros in each spread. Older children will enjoy thinking about how the moon is still there even when we can’t see it. Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein discussed the power and the limitations of language with his professor Bertrand Russell: how even if you don’t see something, it can still be there. These philosophical discussions are the basis for Noemi Schneider’s hilarious and thoughtful story. The Berlin duo GOLDEN COSMOS, who work with their characteristic screen printing style for international magazines, are now illustrating a picture book for the first time.

Audiences will begin to contemplate the invisible lines between imagination and philosophical thought as they enjoy the artistry alongside the easy-to-read text.
Kimberly Filmore, New York Public Library

  • dPICTUS 100 Outstanding Picturebooks, 2023