Do you want to read our books out loud? 

We are happy when our books are staged in exciting readings– whether in-person or digital, in schools, the library or elsewhere. Please read our polices below regarding readings. The publisher and our artists trust in your honesty.

Write to us! 

For a reading you need a short formal approval from us. It is best to send us some information about the planned event by email with your request. This allows us to respond quickly as we will already have all the information we need.

Is the event commercial or non-commercial? An event is commercial if you charge for it. Will the event be recorded and then made accessible? Please also tell us how many attendees you are expecting, which books will be read and whether the event will take place once or several times. Will you produce advertising material and would like to show illustrations? If yes, please let us know. 

Please send an email to with “READING” in the subject line, and please list your name, address, telephone number and email address. 

We wish you all the best for a fun and successful event.

Exceptions during COVID-19 

During the restricted time of the corona pandemic there was a special regulation for online readings. We tried to make the permission process easy and unbureaucratic.

Unfortunately, this regulation no longer applies and we can no longer approve the reading of our books without request. We hope that you understand and that you will send us the information about your online readings as described above. We will then get in touch with you as soon as we can.

Thank you!