Online Readings

NorthSouth Books is very happy to offer our continued support to those of you wishing to perform Online Readings of our books during the current pandemic. The following guidelines are intended to simplify the approval process and are valid until March 31st, 2022.

You do not need to ask for further permission to read a NorthSouth Book online providing:

The reading is performed online via social media or a video conferencing platform (eg. Zoom, Skype, Team, Google Meet)

The reading cannot be used for commercial purposes. It must be made available to the audience for free.

Recordings of readings can be saved and made available as streams providing access is limited to your audience and there is no option to download. (Please read our notes regarding Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Padlet below.)

The distribution of recordings (via email or file sharing) is also not allowed.

At the beginning of your reading please credit the author, illustratortranslator (where applicable), as well as the title of the book, and the publisher.

Please remember to delete any recordings by the 31st March, 2022.

Once your reading has been published please send a confirmation email to: with the subject ONLINE READING giving us the following information:

The title of the book

When and where you have published

Your name, address, telephone number and email

If you can fulfill all of these criteria then further permission is not required. The rest is up to your imagination. Create a costume, zoom in and out of the illustrations, and read as if your audience were right in front of you!

Restricted Access on Social Media
YouTube: This means the uploaded video should be set as “not public” , “not listed “or “private”.

Facebook: Readings should only be made available to friends or certain groups.

Instagram: Accounts must be made “private” so IGTV is only accessible to subscribers.

Padlet: Recordings of readings should be password protected unless they are shared with a limited audience only and if there is no option to download.

Special Cases
If your intentions are not covered by these guidelines then please send an email to with the subject ONLINE SPECIAL CASE. Include the title of the book you’d like to read and describe what you would like to do.

We ask you for patience as we are currently inundated with similar requests.