Spring 2023 Review Copies

Feel free to download the electronic review copies for our spring 2023 titles below! If you’re interested in receiving a finished review copy by mail, please email us at info@northsouth.com. All our titles are available on Edelweiss here!

The Forest Keeper: The true story of Jadav Payeng

By Rina Singh, illustrated by Ishita Jain

As a boy, Indian Jadav Payeng began planting trees on a sandbank in the state of Assam. Nobody believed that he would succeed in doing so. But since 1979, a forest the size of Central Park has emerged, offering a home to countless animals and plants.


By Kai Luftner, illustrated by Wiebke Rauers

Ladybugs are so cute, small, and fly so gently. Not so for the “Jitterbug”— Lady B. Marie! Her heart beats for rock ‘n’ roll. She sings and grooves like crazy. Papa, Mrs. Snail, and Grasshopper are less enthusiastic about the music. She’s just too loud! But does the Jitterbug give up? No!

Adam and His Tuba

By Ziga X. Gombac, illustrated by Maja Kastelic

Everyone in the circus loves to perform – except for Adam, the very youngest member of the Von Trapeze family. The family is concerned. Where did they go wrong? But one day they are enchanted by the sound of a tuba. And from that day on, he was a star.

Sherlock Holmes: The Final Problem

By Hannes Binder, based on the story by Arthur Conan Doyle

Holmes’ most spectacular case leads him in a fast-paced chase from the metropolis of London across the continent to the Swiss Alps. At the roaring Reichenbach Falls there is a showdown between Holmes and his archenemy Professor Moriarty. Who will triumph in this battle between good and evil?

Mom’s Hugs and Kisses

By Christophe Loupy, illustrated by Eve Tharlet

A puppy named “Hugs” decides to visit each animal on the farm to find out which animal gives the best kiss. Who will have the best kiss? He collects lots of wonderful nuzzles, but when he returns home, he discovers that the best kiss of all is the one he gets from his loving mother.

Hooray for Spring!

By Kazuo Iwamura

It’s spring, and the world is full of new leaves, cherry blossoms, and hungry baby birds. Mick, Mack, and Molly—adorable squirrel siblings—explore the woods. They discover that caterpillars like to eat leaves and bees like to suck nectar from the blossoms, but what can they feed this hungry young chick? Pinecones? Flowers? Acorns?

What Bear Likes Best– Rhymes for children

By Erwin Moser

The eagle’s sitting on her nest. A walk is what the bear loves best.

The first in the series of three adorable vintage books of rhymes from Erwin Moser featuring a comical crew of animals..

What Cat Likes Best– Rhymes for children

By Erwin Moser

The cats are waiting for their tea. The mouse says, ‘Please don’t look at me!’

The second book in the series of Moser’s rhyming opposites. 

What Hedgehog Likes Best– Rhymes for children

By Erwin Moser

The hedgehog’s cozy as can be. Now count the ravens: one, two, three.

The third book in the series of Moser’s rhyming opposites.