Summer 2023 Review Copies

Feel free to download the electronic review copies for our summer 2023 titles below! If you’re interested in receiving a finished review copy by mail, please email us at All our titles are available on Edelweiss here!

Don’t Be a Bully, Little Tiger!

By Carol Roth, illustrated by Rashin

Little Tiger is excited to go to school, but he doesn’t always know how to behave. He can be quite bossy. His unruly nature intimidates everyone around him. But when his teacher gives him a gentle tip, he realizes that small changes can make a big difference.

Let’s Build a Dam!

By Daniel Fehr, illustrated by Mariachiara Di Giorgio

Siblings May, Lily, and Noah build a dam. Stone by stone, their dam grows higher and higher, until their creation attracts the attention of fishermen, pirates, and even the King and his fleet. The sky’s the limit, until Noah wants his stone back . . .

The Little Scottish Ghost

By Franz Hohler, illustrated by Werner Maurer

Little Ghost is learning how to haunt, but nothing goes right. Her ball and chain run away with her, her clanking armor falls on top of her, and instead of terrifying people, she just makes them laugh. Will Little Ghost be able to learn how to be scary?

Hooray for Summer!

By Kazuo Iwamura

Mick, Mack, and Molly are enjoying a summer afternoon, when suddenly things are very still. Rain pours down and the thunder booms. The squirrel siblings are caught in the middle of one of the most exciting moments of summer—a sudden thunderstorm. It can be scary, but for the three squirrel children, safe and dry in a cave, it brings new friends.